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bizhub pro1051

allowing professional printers to process work more quickly for higher job turnaround. Furthermore, the bizhub PRO 1051 offers a monthly duty cycle 30% higher than its predecessor, while the bizhub PRO 1200 has over twice the duty cycle.

Higher Image Quality and Stability

The bizhub PRO 1200 / bizhub 1051 stands out in terms of exceptional image quality. Significantly, both models use Konica Minolta’s exclusive Simitri HD Toner, while the implementation of a new LED print head (LPH) enables writing resolution to be increased from 600dpi to an impressive 1200dpi for more detailed half tones and smoother gradations. Other new image quality features include an improved developer agitator to deliver developing fluid more evenly, a Toner Carrier Ratio (TCR) sensor to ensure even toner density and a new belt transfer unit to eliminate toner repellence for more consistent coverage.

Improved Paper Compatibility & Finishing Options

The bizhub PRO 1200 / bizhub PRO 1051 offer improved paper compatibility, enabling the use of coated paper, pre-printed paper, non-carbon paper, etc. Paper weights ranging from 40 – 216g/m2 can be printed at 100% efficiency, while an industry-leading maximum paper weight of 350g/m2 can be used. Furthermore, new and improved finishing options offer exceptional modularity to answer the demands of customers with diverse needs. The new PF-703 and PF-702 Paper Feeding Units can be used together with the main unit paper trays to offer a paper supply of up to 14,000 sheets. The GP-501 Multi-hole Punch Unit* produces holes to fit 10 different styles of ring binder. Unlike the previous perfect binder model, the PB-503 Perfect Binder can be connected to the FS-521 Staple Finisher to save space and reduce costs. During long print runs, the FA-502 PI-PFU unit is invaluable, storing up to 5,000 sheets for insertion to reduce the number of times paper must be refilled.

*The GP-501 Multi-hole Punch unit is not available in all countries. Please ask a sales person for details.

Increased Operability

Improvements in operability offered by the bizhub PRO 1200 / bizhub PRO 1051 include a large 15-inch touch panel screen displays 65,000 colours for improved visibility, while the function buttons are located at the top of the screen to maximise the viewing area when navigating the intuitive interface.

Advanced Security and Environmental Performance

In addition to meeting the strict environmental standards of Energy Star guidelines, the bizhub PRO 1200 / bizhub PRO 1051 also comply with RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) regulations. A number of security features are also available, including HDD data overwrite, an activity log, strengthened password protection, and user authentication.

As the end-to-end solution for production print professionals such as CRDs, PFPs, commercial printers and even small data centres, the bizhub PRO 1200 / bizhub PRO 1051 offer higher functionality, improved modularity and many new innovations to maximise productivity, durability, reliability and output quality.
Superior System Productivity

While the bizhub PRO 1051 offers the same 105 page-per-minute output speed as its predecessor, the speed of the bizhub PRO 1200has been increased to 120 pages per minute. The bizhub PRO 1200 / bizhub PRO 1051 also comes standard equipped with the Linux operating system. Not only does this facilitate a writing resolution of 1200dpi, but it also offers a processing speed that is four to eight times faster than its predecessor,

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